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Ties That Tether -Jane Igharo

"When a Nigerian woman falls for a man she knows will break her mother's heart, she must choose between love and her family."

This debut novel from Jane Igharo was a great read in the middle of a tough semester. If you have a stressful job, work many hours, or are a full-time student and look for a good easy read, this is the book for you. Jane does a great job of tying together two cultures and posing questions on choosing love or your family and culture. In the middle of a challenging semester, I was in the middle of midterms when I read this novel, and I flew through it. The book is well-paced and easy to read. It is a book I will come back to in the future, especially during a stressful time. I personally would give the book 5/5 stars. As a literary work of fiction, it gets 4/5 stars—all in All, an excellent debut novel from Jane Igharo.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! The next section of this blog post will discuss the book, and I will pose some questions to think about.

Azere is in her mid-twenties, a successful career woman, and works for one of the top advertising agencies. Although she is successful, her biggest downfall to her mom is that she is still single and not married. The book opens up with Azere on another blind date her mom has set up with an eligible Nigerian man. This is one of many dates that her mom has set up with Nigerian men in their community. When Azere was just 12-years old, she promised her father, on his death bed, that she would marry a Nigerian man, and her mom has been holding that over her head ever since. Although they live in Canada, she is expected to keep this promise. This brings us back to the start of the book and the blind date Azere is on. As many blind dates go, it is horrible, and she does not like the guy at all. Azere, upset that the date went as expected goes to the bar and meets Rafael. They spend the evening together, and she goes back to her life, expecting everything to go back to normal. She goes to work, and Rafael happens to be the new employee. She is baffled, while Rafael is excited to see her. Fast Foward, a few weeks later, Azere finds out she is pregnant. Now Azere is in this predicament where she has to choose this man she is falling for and starting a family on her own or her mom, her culture, and the promise she made as a 12-year-old girl.

This book takes some nice twists and turns and puts into question how much you sacrifice for family and culture.

If you have read this book or read this book, ponder over these questions and leave your answers in the comments.

If you had to decide between love and culture, what would you choose? If you had to choose between love and family, which would you choose? Can your family hold you back in certain aspects of your life? How much do you listen to family? Is it okay to possibly sacrifice your family for your personal happiness? What would make it OK to choose a potential love interest over your family?

These are all the questions I pondered over as I read this book. I would love to discuss this with you all in the comments.

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