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Hi Everyone!

I am Jasmine. One of my main passions is books and readers. This blog will be all about books I have read. There will be books of all different genres, for different age groups, and all types of people. I will have in-depth reviews of books, highlight people of color, and have book club questions. I will also host monthly book club meetings on Instagram Live, where I will discuss a specific book that I have read, and hopefully, my followers have read too. Follow Exceedingly Well Read on Instagram @exceedinglywell_read!

I hope this blog gives fellow book lovers a space to get new ideas about books, book clubs, and book discussions. This blog will feature all authors, but I will have a spotlight section with BIPOC authors. This blog will be in-depth reviews and allow for deep discussion posts. I will make sure I put #spoileralert before any post that may ruin an ending.

Here's more about me. As stated above, my name is Jasmine. I am a second-year master of public health student. My two passions are books and reducing health disparities in BIPOC. With my MPH degree, I want to work on reducing health disparities through health promotion programs and health policies. I also would love to publish books one day. I see myself starting a publishing company in my near future, so if you are a writer or thinking of becoming one, maybe we can link in the future.

I am happy to be starting this journey with you all, and I hope you all enjoy my content. This will be a fun journey, and I am glad to have you join me on this ride. #bookloversunite #booknerd #ilovebooks #booksarebetter

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